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You have found the only poker site that has all the information you will ever need about playing poker online. This site has been made by online poker players and is here for you. We strive to give you as much and as accurate information possible. We have been playing online poker for many years now and know how important it is have accurate and correct information.

This site does not only give you information about the different poker rooms but also tips which will help you in your online poker game. We also look for the best deals for you when it comes to bonuses and extra cash possibilities. In our news section of the site you can keep up with the latest happenings, tournaments and free rolls.

There are two kinds of websites in existence; those that promote absolutely any online free casino with video poker that asks and those that take online gaming seriously and have a number of criteria which an online casino must fulfil before any partnership can be formed. Our site belongs in the second category. We have a number of criteria that will determine whether a casino will be part of our homepage or not. The financial aspect of which is a very minor role. If you link through us to a casino online ie we derive an income (paid by the casino, not by you) which allows us to keep our site up to date with the latest news , actions and tips and we can also get involved in any conflict with the casino that you are unable to resolve. This last item is luckily very infrequent but that is partly due to the parameters that we set before we do business with a live casino online.

There are of course many online poker sites available to the Irish poker player and rather than list them all has selected a few that in the opinion of this site give sufficient choice of safe places to play online poker. Each is covered in detail in the poker room reviews tab and they include Betkings and Ladbrokes Poker which are two very well known names in the online gambling world in Ireland but also 888 poker which is part of the 888 holdings group and Party Poker and Pokerstars. Everyone of these has a large range of online poker games to suit all pockets as well as plenty of poker tournament opportunities.

Poker tournaments attract record entries

Although rumours in the poker news suggest that online poker is not advancing in terms of numbers as was expected it seems that news from the poker tournament world suggests record numbers of players …
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All online poker bonuses are similar

There are poker bonuses available for new players at every online poker site and they all follow a very similar pattern of offering a matching bonus in relation to your first deposit and then instead …
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Amaya in the online poker news for new developments

Recent general poker news revealed that the company Amaya was to combine PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker into a large online poker conglomerate to rival any online poker sites around and to capitalize …
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Online poker is popular at this time of the year

This is a quiet time of the year for poker news with no major tournaments taking place so players tend to work on their online poker game and for Irish poker players there is always plenty going on at…
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As you are likely to be fairly new to the game of poker, this site also includes a very useful tab called online poker rules which is well worth a read as there are a surprising number of people who start playing online poker without really understanding the rules of the various poker games and of course poker tournament play is slightly different from the regular cash games in terms of rules especially when it comes to increasing blinds. The sequence of hands is the first thing to learn and this is explained in the poker rules section and remains good for any of the online poker games. Texas Hold’em is without doubt the most played online poker game but you may also come across Omaha Poker or 5 Card Draw Poker which have different rules in terms of how many community cards are used.

The online poker tips tab also includes some useful information but as there are already so many books written about how to win at poker including when to fold and when to raise etc the section focuses less on how to play each hand and more on the generalities of online poker such as not playing for stakes that you really cannot afford remembering that high blinds attract better players and higher blinds also means more cash brought to the table. Other tips include such things as playing for fun, there are very few online poker players who make a living out of it which means that most players are in it for fun and hopefully make a few Euro so do not get upset if you lose. Some more serious tips include such things as not getting what is called pot committed which basically means that you should keep judging your hand on its value rather than get carries away by how much you have already invested in the pot.

Finally there is the poker dictionary tab which has a list of some of the more popularly used terms and some that you may probably have never heard of. You do not of course need to known all these terms in order to enjoy your online poker but it is hoped that this site will help you enjoy the experience wherever you decide to play.