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5 Card Draw rules

5 card draw online poker is probably one of the oldest forms of poker and the one that most people will know having been the poker game that most people used to play at the kitchen table before online poker became such a hype.
The basic idea of 5 Card Draw is that everyone who is playing receives 5 cards and is allowed to discard any number of them after a first round of betting. The player is then given the same number of new cards that they discarded so that they remain with a 5 card poker hand. All the cards that are dealt or discarded are face down cards and nobody can see them. Once everyone has discarded or kept their cards there will be a second round of betting. All the players who are still in the game after this second round of betting have to show their cards to determine the winner of the hand, showdown.

There are two betting rounds in this online poker game. The first is after everyone has received his or her first 5 cards. Players can fold, raise or check/pass until all players have placed the same amount into the pot. All the players who are still in the game will then discard and receive new cards to be able to enter the second round of betting.
What you have just read is a short explanation of the poker game 5 card draw. We suggest you choose one of the online poker rooms from our site and have a look at a few rounds before actually trying it yourself. The game is quite simple but to get a good feel of what is going on it is better to just sit and watch a few hands first. If you would like to know more online poker terms and jargon then we suggest you visit our online poker dictionary.

5 card draw is a form of online poker that is not played that often; online poker players tend to prefer Texas Hold’em and 7 Card Stud. The reason for this is the fact the when playing 5 Card Draw you do not have a clue what your opponent may have. The only clue that is given away during the game is when players discard cards. If a player discards three out of five cards then the chance of the player holding a pair is quite high. This is a general rule and can also be used when a player only discards one card; which could mean they are holding two pairs but it could also mean that they are currently holding nothing but hoping for a draw to a flush or a straight. The basic idea is that you have to be aware of who is discarding how many cards.

5 Card Draw is a game that is not as fast as Texas Hold’em or 7 Card Stud. This is also a reason why it is not played that often amongst online poker players. Poker players like excitement in a game and 5 Card Draw can not be compared to the excitement of Texas Hold’em or 7 Card Draw.

This is a great game to play but if you do not have any patience and you are looking for an exciting game of online poker then you should be playing Texas Hold’em.