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A poker bonus can be difficult to achieve

By admin on 2014-01-30 16:48:41

At they are always trying to keep Irish poker players up to date with such things as a poker bonus which is available and this week the focus is on 888 poker. 888 poker is one of those online poker sites where the first screen invites you to download the free poker software so to actually look for the poker bonus news is not as easy as it could be but has done it for you. The poker bonus on offer from 888 poker is dollar based so in Euro currency it will depend on the exchange rate in force and it is a 100% march of your first deposit up to $400 but this is only available for first time depositors and it is only valid for 90 days which means that you only have that length of time to claim the bonus. The poker bonus is released in increments of $10 for which you will have to earn 100 status points each time so if you make a maximum deposit of $400, in order to fully claim your poker bonus entitlement you will need to earn 4000 status points within 90 days. Whether you can do this or not will clearly depend on your poker playing pattern. Status points are earned in both cash poker games and tournaments. Status points that count towards your poker bonus in tournaments is an easy calculation and is 2 points for every $1 of tournament fees that you pay however status points earned in cash games is much more difficult to follow. The poker bonus to be achieved at cash games is dependent upon the contribution that you personally make to each pot and therefore the rake. To put this into proper context if the pot is $100 to which you have contributed 25% or $25 the rake might be $4 of which you have contributed 25% which is $1 which therefore earns you 2 status points. In short this poker bonus is going to take some achieving unless you are a high stakes player.