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A poker bonus is just the beginning

By admin on 2013-10-10 11:03:27

Wherever you go for your online poker there will always be a poker bonus to attract you but at the advice is to look further than the poker bonus to see if there is anything else that might be useful to help you into the game because after all is said and done a poker bonus is a one off thing but playing good poker can be a benefit for a number of years. You will not find PokerStars featured in many of the poker bonus news articles for the simple reason that the poker bonus is not the highest around despite offering a poker bonus of a first deposit match of up to €400 but what they do offer is a large range of play money tables which will enable you learn the game without it costing any money although will issues a warning that playing with play money is quite different from playing poker for real money. Following that experience there are low stakes tables where you can play for a few cents and advance your skills in that way and finally advancing to a table where your stakes suits your pocket. There are not only cash games at PokerStars but also tournaments at every level. A poker bonus for new players therefore is not the only consideration. As far as poker bonuses go Ladbrokes poker has one of the simplest around where you can get a 200% match of your first deposit up to €1000 but what you deposit and what bonus you receive will depend upon the stakes you are willing to play for. At Ladbrokes poker you have 60 days to claim your full bonus but it will only be released in 5 stages of 20% each time and to earn the bonus you will have to earn points and of course the higher your stakes the more points you will earn.