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Amaya in the online poker news for new developments

By admin on 2014-09-04 13:54:53

Recent general poker news revealed that the company Amaya was to combine PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker into a large online poker conglomerate to rival any online poker sites around and to capitalize on any movement in the regulations surrounding online poker in the USA and Canada but recently Amaya has announced more radical plans as to which direction it might be going in in the future. If online poker were to become legal again across the USA then Full Tilt poker would be well positioned as it already had a good customer base before the UIGEA came in and any shift in Canada would also be interesting as Amaya already has a good market there as well but probably the most interesting revelation came when Amaya said that it believed that possibly one half of the customer base at PokerStars was playing at an online casino as well as online poker but of course at an alternative online casino site as PokerStars has no online casino. According to the poker news an online casino has been tried at a small selection of online poker users with encouraging results so it can be expected that a larger scale trial will follow although at this point it is not clear which casino software will be used. Another direction which has already been hinted at in the poker news is the development of a sports betting site as once again it is believed that online poker players do not restrict themselves to online poker but also like a sports bet every now and then. Reports in the general poker news suggest that this might be available as soon as 2015 which would add extra competition to an already competitive market and indeed it has been seen in the poker news that Sky is also venturing into this market.