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California looks at interstate online poker

By admin on 2014-05-15 11:02:48

The general poker news continues to be full of what is or is not happening about online poker in the USA with discussion in California being the latest hot topic. At the moment it is only at the hearing stage where witnesses are allowed to put their point of view and some of those comments came from regulated states such as Nevada and New Jersey but California is reported to be looking at interstate online poker. Apparently according to reports in the poker news online poker players in California are using unregulated sites which seems to reinforce what some have said all along that if people want to play online poker they will find a way no matter what legislation is in force. Several issues were raised during the discussions including the expected ones such as underage gambling, problem gambling and money laundering as well as the positive side for the state of the revenue potential but California has another issue which needs to be addressed and that is the native Indian population that often run their own casinos. The general consensus is that discussions ended on a positive note but there is also realisation that these things do not happen quickly and there is still a fear that national legislation may yet be passed first which bans online poker along with other online gambling. In other poker news it seems that American Football is not a good training ground for top poker players as Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys entered the recent WPT tournament with an entry fee of $15400 but was dumped out on day two with an all in on a pair of fives but unfortunately there were two more players behind him; one with a pair of Kings and the other with an Ace Queen. I think we can all imagine the result.