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Fantastic poker bonus at Ladbrokes poker

By admin on 2013-09-12 10:45:28

Poker bonus news at is always trying to help Irish poker players find a good deal and right now at Ladbrokes poker the deals are better than usual as they are promoting free roll tournaments for new players and all you need to do is register an account which means there is not even a need to make a deposit. These free roll tournaments are in the poker bonus news as not only is there no deposit required but you will be entitled to play in up to 6 tournaments held each Wednesday at 18:30 starting the week after you register an account and each tournament has a €500 prize pool. Poker bonus news does not often report free poker tournaments which have real prize money so take advantage of this one. Ladbrokes poker does not stop there for new players as there is also the chance to play in 6 more turbo tournaments for an entry fee of €1 plus €0.10 within 6 weeks of registration once you have made your first deposit and the prize money pot is €500 added. These really are great offers in the poker bonus news for new players but it does not stop there as there are also €1250 prize pot tournaments and if you make your first deposit then you can play in the next 4 of these which are held on Mondays. These poker tournaments are also open to other players who have already made a first deposit and according to the poker bonus news at all a player needs to do to qualify to play for free is accumulate 150 playing points in the week before. Ladbrokes poker is going all out to attract new players and this type of poker bonus which offers free tournament play could be better then offering deposit matching bonuses.