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Free online poker can cause addiction say some

By admin on 2014-02-20 12:32:54

In the general poker news recently there have been articles suggesting that underage gamblers are in danger of becoming online poker addicts and according to a professor from Nottingham University in the UK the best way of preventing it is to give children lessons at school.  Regulation of course prevents young children from playing online poker or any other form of online gambling for real money but there are sites where they can play online poker with virtual money which according to the professor still provides the excitement and adrenalin of winning which could result in problems later on. Games which are on social media websites where players use avatars and where real cash can be used to buy extras or games such as “Candy Crush” where payment is needed to access higher levels also come in for criticism. Another problem highlighted in the online poker news is the fact that children are being bombarded with gambling advertisements which are being screened before the 21:00 watershed. Rather than giving lessons in how to play the various games it is suggested in the general poker news that children should be taught the dangers of building up excessive debt which is not necessarily caused by online gambling and as we all know there are multiple opportunities to do that even by using credit cards irresponsibly. As far as online poker and other online casino games it should be taught that there are more losers than winners and in fact a simple understanding of maths could show that the online casino always has a slight edge in any of the casino games. Some schools already teach the dangers of the internet so it would be a small step to include the dangers of online gambling. Anything which reduces the danger of addiction is good as far as is concerned as it detracts from the many who play online poker for fun and small amounts.