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Free poker tournaments are an alternative poker bonus

By admin on 2014-02-27 09:23:34

In the poker bonus news this month we take a look at a different form of poker bonus for new players at Ladbrokes poker. Historically a new player poker bonus is linked to a first deposit and of course these poker bonuses are still available everywhere but as has pointed out to Irish online poker players on several occasions it can be very difficult to understand how this bonus is calculated and as a new poker player you are unlikely to be playing for the stakes that will enable you to achieve anything like the maximum bonus. At Ladbrokes poker however they are offering new registrations a poker bonus in the form of tokens which can then be used to enter into tournaments which are held on Monday evenings and which are exclusively for new poker players to the site. It is not possible to play in these poker tournaments except by using one of these tokens and although entry is therefore free there is €2000 up for grabs each time.The chances are good that you will be playing against beginners although of course there is a risk that experienced online poker players will register for the first time at Ladbrokes poker having been playing at other online poker sites. Nevertheless, this form of poker bonus is refreshing as it is clear what is going on and is easy to follow. Ladbrokes poker runs other tournaments which are in the poker bonus news which are not only for new poker players but are free to enter tournaments with cash prizes. These online poker tournaments are open to all players who have made a deposit in the previous week and are held on Wednesday evenings; they carry prize money of €1250 which for a free to enter poker is not bad at all.