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Irish online poker players watch UK developments about tax

By admin on 2014-02-13 15:21:36

The Irish poker news this week is focused on what is happening with the UK Gaming Commission who are trying to introduce tax on online gambling including online poker which is exactly what is threatened in Irish gambling so the results can be of interest to Irish poker players. The crux of the issue is that the UK wants offshore registered online poker providers to apply for a UK license but not so that they can control or legislate against unworthy sites but so that they can collect a 15% tax. There are many online poker sites that are registered in overseas territories, in fact most of them are, and the requirements for a UK license are fulfilled by many including those listed at but they are generally registered in more tax friendly territories such as Malta or the Isle of Man. For Irish poker players, if something similar ever comes into force in Ireland, the tax will have to be paid by the online poker company but they will of course get it back by taking a higher rake from the poker tables meaning that those online poker sites that have registered will have a higher rake than those that have not and a higher rake for the provider means less winnings for the poker player. The UK gambling commission has asked Internet Service Providers to provide pop ups on non UK licensed sites so that players can identify them but so far those ISPs have refused to act as policeman. The gambling bill is expected to come into force in the UK later this year while Ireland continues to talk about it and nobody knows what effect it might have on players loyalty to their chose online poker site but the results will be interesting to see for Irish poker players.