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Ladbrokes poker has a monthly poker bonus promotion

By admin on 2014-01-02 14:20:01 wishes all its readers and followers a very healthy and hopefully prosperous 2014 around the online poker tables and to help you with that, you may want to take a look at Ladbrokes poker which not only has a new layout but is also offering a new poker bonus which is not only for new players but also goes on from month to month for existing players. Ladbrokes poker is not often in the poker bonus news but at the moment they have an offer for new players which is no less than 200% of your first deposit but as with all poker bonuses you have to play at the cash tables or in the tournaments to earn poker points which are then translated into cash at a rate of $5 for each 170 poker points earned. Ladbrokes poker is however in the poker bonus news for offering a monthly cash bonus of €1 for every 100 points earned while playing up to a maximum of €50 in a month and remember of course that all you need to do is play, so whether you win or lose, you can still get the bonus. These poker bonuses at Ladbrokes poker are probably in the poker bonus news due to the fact that Ladbrokes poker has a new layout which finds a bit more difficult than the old layout to find the right game. It is true that there are some new features on the new site which enable you to see your player history and register your favourites but combining poker games in dollars, Euro and Pounds Sterling onto one page does not make it easy to select but this is just one opinion; it could be that another player prefers the new layout. Ladbrokes poker remains one of the recommended sites anyway.