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Live poker tournaments do not provide a living

By admin on 2014-03-06 11:48:09

Interesting articles in the poker tournament news this week suggest that it is impossible to make a living from playing live poker tournaments even in the US which is why so many of the top poker players also play online poker. One of the articles in the poker tournament news does the maths which shows that even with a return on investment of 25% (which means that for every €100 invested in entry fees you get winnings of €25) there are simply not enough tournaments with sufficient prize money to make a living. The point that the article is making is that even though there are a number of large tournaments with high prize money nobody is winning all the time as despite poker being a game which involves skill there is also an element of luck. The top of the earnings rankings is dominated by those players that have won a major tournament and probably a WPT bracelet along the way and although those can run into millions of Euro there are literally thousands of players vying for each tournament who win nothing. The poker tournament news articles also suggest that these major tournament wins are usually accounting for over 90% of the annual earnings and that in years where no major tournament is won then even the top players make a loss. In further numbers it is suggested that less than 0.5% of players make a reasonable living from live poker tournaments. Online poker tournaments are becoming more and more popular and the fact that it is hard to make a living from live tournaments could be one of the reasons but even at online poker sites the number of reasonable sized tournaments are limited so the result is that many professionals also play higher stakes cash games at the online poker sites. This also can easily be seen when playing online poker for small stakes and then going to larger stakes where it is much tougher to win.