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Losing with pocket aces is in the poker news

By admin on 2014-08-07 15:18:21

Every online poker player knows that there are days when the cards just will not play ball but for most it does not cost $1,000,000 but that is exactly what is reported in the poker news as Connor Drinan lost out to Cary Katz. The tournament was the only $1,000,000 buy in event run by the WSOP and held in the USA and screened by ESPN and both players were dealt pocket Aces. As you might expect, after a bit of toing and froing it ended up with both players being all in but what happened next was quite remarkable as in the next 5 cards there were 4 hearts meaning that whoever had the Ace of Hearts was drawing a flush from nowhere which left Drinan to nurse his losses. To rub salt into the wound Katz was overheard telling Drinan before the flop to save his money as he could not win every pot. Nearly all online poker players will have lost the hand while holding pocket aces at one time or another but not when both players are holding the same pocket aces. In other poker news the APPT (Asia Pacific Poker Tour) has held its first ever event in China and it was the Beijing Millions sponsored by PokerStars and held at the Beijing Star Poker Club. There were more than 2700 entries for the poker tournament which is quite large considering that online poker is not allowed in China and the entry fee was around 350 Euro. The poker tournament was open to ladies as well as men and to non Chinese people although according to the poker news the final table of 9 players were all Chinese men. The winner was Chen Qin who picked up around €500,000 for his efforts.