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More ladies needed in poker tournaments

By admin on 2014-02-06 20:33:12

A hot topic in the online poker tournament news at the moment is whether tournaments especially for ladies are a good idea or not and as you might expect anything that involves the sexes is good for several different opinions. The main poker tournaments at the WSOP ( world series of poker) for example are open to any poker player who is willing to pay the entry fee as are the poker tournaments here in Europe from the EPT (European poker tour) but so far only one woman has even reached the final table of a WSOP event. would suggest however that this is more due to the number of female entries rather than the quality of entries from female players. It is easy to see from the history and reputation of poker that lady poker players might feel intimidated by the male players which could be why so few poker tournament players are women so possibly by introducing female only poker tournaments it would encourage more ladies to take up poker and play in the tournaments. There is of course no reason whatsoever why ladies should not be just as successful as men in poker tournaments, after all there is no strength required just a good logical mind. We have not yet seen a major Irish poker tournament that is specifically for ladies but with the EPT introducing that sort of poker tournament it will not be long. At we would encourage all prospective lady poker players to play in the all comers tournaments but if they wish to start off in female only tournaments first then so be it. What is an unknown of course is how many ladies are involved in online poker tournaments as there is often nothing to be gleaned from the player name so in fact you might be playing poker tournaments against ladies already and losing to them.