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More women playing online poker

By admin on 2014-03-20 10:05:14

In an interesting article in the general poker news it seems that there is an increase in the number of women making use of online poker sites in the US. Apparently according to International Game Technology there is an increased usage of their free play poker sites with nearly a third of players now being female. Whether this trend is also true in Irish poker is unknown and also whether this trend would be the same when playing poker for real money remains unknown. Online poker of course can be played under an assumed name so even when you are playing, you actually have no idea whether your opponents are male or female. In other general poker news it seems that California is about to legalise online poker after two bills were introduced. Currently the only States to have legalised online poker are Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware but as previously reported in the general poker news here at many are interested in the revenue stream. If California goes ahead then it may also have a knock on effect in neighbouring State Oregon as they join together to increase traffic but the debate will go on with the anti online poker faction pointing to the dangers of addiction or money laundering. The Global Poker Index has also recently published the latest rankings in the general poker news which shows Canadian Daniel Negreanu still holding top spot helped by a fourth and a sixth place in February alone when playing in the recent Aussie Millions tournaments which netted no less than 1.8 million Australian Dollars. In second place but a long way behind in terms of earnings is Austrian born Ole Schemion but this is probably due to the fact that Ole plays most of his poker tournaments in Europe where the prize money is substantially less.