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New online poker tournament format at Ladbrokes poker

By admin on 2014-03-27 07:57:45

More online poker news this week as Ladbrokes poker introduces “Twister Tournaments” which is nice quick version of a sit and go tournament with a difference that the prize money being played for is determined by the spin of a wheel where the prize money being played for is the entry fee increased by whatever the wheel comes up with which can be up to 1000 times so for a $1 entry to the tournament you could be playing for $1000. Tables are available with entry fees of $1, $2, $5 and $10 and there are only three players for each tournament which makes it a fast game. Poker tournaments can be long drawn out affairs which puts off many online poker players but when there are only three players with a timer the tournament will not take long. Of course the majority of games will be played for 2 times the entry fee which means that you are entering as one of three players with only a chance of doubling your money if you win which means that a regular sit and go tournament is better but the twister is an additional gamble which could pay off. Ladbrokes poker even publishes the fact that the chances of playing for 1000 times the entry fee is one in 20,000. The Irish Open is also in the poker news at the moment as it all kicks off on April 17th at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel ( same location as before but it was previously known as the Burlington Hotel) so make sure you play in some of the qualifying satellite tournaments which are available at Ladbrokes poker as well as other online poker sites often for as little as €1.10. This is the largest Poker event in Ireland and all Irish online poker players who are interested should have a go now.