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Now Pennsylvania joins the online poker bandwagon

By admin on 2014-06-12 15:41:18

The debate about online poker in America will not go away and while it is known in the poker news that Nevada (home of Las Vegas) and New Jersey (home of Atlantic CIty) are actively evaluating online poker along with other States, recent poker news reports suggest that Pennsylvania might beat them all by passing a bill allowing online poker within the state. Pennsylvania has already concluded a study that suggests that legal and controlled online poker could generate well over $100 million per year which would be a major boost to State finances. It seems from recent poker news reports that State Senator Edwin Erickson is keen to get a bill passed and intends to introduce a bill to the Senate. Recognising that many Americans already play online poker on illegal and unregulated offshore sites Erickson wants to set a tax rate that will enable bone fide operators to establish networks and put the illegals out of business but even then he is talking of 14% of Gross gaming Revenue which comes right between neighbours New Jersey and Nevada. He is quick to note in poker news articles that he is talking about online poker only and not for example online casinos making the differentiation that in online poker the house doesn’t mind what the result of the games are as there is a rake from every hand regardless of who wins whereas in many online casino games the player is playing against the house but also it is suggested that online poker is a game of skill but online casino games are pure luck. accepts that there is skill involved in online poker but adds that there is also a strong element of luck as well as every poker player knows. Legislation is some way off but activity is increasing in a number of States.