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Omaha Hi/Lo rules

Omaha Hi/Lo is very similar to the Omaha with the only difference being that the pot is split between two hands, the highest and the lowest but the lowest hand usually has to be no higher than 8 high.

At the start of the game all the players at the table receive four “hole” cards each. These cards are dealt face down so that nobody can see apart from the individual player holding his/her own four cards. Then five “community” cards are dealt as described below which are visible to all the players at the table. Players have to make a hand consisting of in total five cards using two hole cards and three community cards. It is compulsory that players use two hole cards and three community cards in the formation of their 5 card hand.

The game consists of four betting rounds the first first of which is after everyone has their hole cards. Betting continues until all players have either folded their hand or placed the same amount inot the pot. The next stage is called the “flop” when three community cards will be placed on the table, face up. A second betting round will now commence until everyone has once again bet the same amount or folded. When the second round of betting is complete one more community card will be placed on the table face up (known as the “turn”) so that there are now four community cards. The third betting round can now start in the same way as previous rounds. After everyone has folded or bet the fifth and final community card known as the “river” will be placed on the table face up. The final betting round can now take place between the players that are left in the game and after all the betting and folding has finished it is time for the showdown.

What you have just read is a short explanation of how the game Ohama proceeds. The following will give you an idea of some terms that you need to know when playing online poker. We suggest that you read this page and then go to one of our selected online poker rooms and just watch a few hands being played by other people. This will give you a good idea of what is happening and you will fully understand it all. If you would like to know more about the different poker terms and jargon then please visit our online poker dictionary.

Blinds: the two people left of the dealer have to post blinds. This ensures that there is some cash in the pot before the game starts. The person left of the dealer has to post the “small blind” and the person next to him/her has to post the “big blind”. These bets are called blind because they are posted before any cards are dealt.

Pre Flop: after everyone has got their hole cards and the two blinds have been posted, the person who posted the small blind will start the betting, this person can, call, fold, raise or check. Whatever the player decides to do the next person on the right has to make their decision. If someone has called or raised then the next players either have to call or raise as well. The Pre Flop is basically the term used for the first betting round.

Flop: this is the term user for the second betting round. Everyone has got their four hole cards and there are three community cards face up on the table.

Turn: this is the term used to describe the third betting round, there are now four community cards on the table.

River: this is the term used to describe the fourth and final betting round. All five community cards are laying on the table and players have to make the best hand of five cards using two hole cards and three community cards.

Showdown: this is when there is no more betting and all the players still in the game have to show their cards.