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Online poker in the US could be good for Irish poker company

By admin on 2014-07-10 11:42:21

It was already reported last month in the Irish poker news that Full Tilt Poker might be on the way back into the online poker world in America after it was revealed that Canadian group Amaya Gaming had purchased Isle of Man based Rational Group which is the parent of both Full Tilt and Poker Stars. Poker Stars is of course recognised as one of the recommended online poker sites at but Irish poker news now looks at what effect will this have in Irish poker circles. Many will remember that when the US authorities accused Full Tilt poker of illegal actions back in 2012 it resulted in a near collapse of the company and subsequently the takeover by the Rational Group and which reduced the workforce in Dublin to somewhere near 165 people. Today in the Irish poker news however it is reported that the current employment has grown to around 350 and there are tens of vacancies waiting to be filled. A spokes person has stated in the Irish poker news that there are no planned changes to any of the rational Group offices including the Dublin office which is good news for Irish poker. What could be even better of course is that the US market is opened for business once more where Full Tilt would be ideally placed to take advantage as there could be a loyal customer base out there that would be delighted to renew the acquaintance. Online poker is only legal in three States at the moment those being New Jersey, Delaware and of course Nevada but other States are looking very seriously at the possibility such as New York and Illinois and of course the more States that legalise online poker the more difficult it will become for central government to resist calls for country wide online poker.