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Online poker in the USA could be step closer

By admin on 2012-05-17 10:36:36

We have previously reported in the general poker news here at that Bwin were apparently active seeking arrangements in the USA in the anticipation of relaxation of the rules governing online gambling. You will recall that all forms of online gambling including online poker have been banned under the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) but some believe that a relaxation will come at least within some states. It is therefore of particular interest the we learn in the general poker news that Bwin.Party has agreed a partnership with an Indian tribe based in California to provide online poker. The tribe in question is the United Auburn Indian Community (UAIC) and the tribal chairman David Keyser is reported in the general poker news as saying “we see the legislation of internet poker and other internet gambling as being inevitable”. This opinion was enforced when the Department of Justice published a new interpretation of the 1961 Wire Act suggesting that as long as the gambling was within state borders it might become legal. Online poker would be big business in California and it is believed by general poker news that the deal between Bwin.Party and UAIC would be for ten years following legalisation of online poker. Mr Keyser seemed happy with the arrangement when he is quoted in the general poker news as saying “having met with representatives from a number of online gambling companies, was our first choice as partner” but then we would hardly expect him to say that they were third choice. The fact still remains however that online poker is illegal in the USA and although there is a lot of talk in the general poker news we know of no steps that are currently being undertaken to change that status; if it does there will be a lot of activity from several online poker providers to tap into a lucrative market.