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Most poker sites will include in their online poker tips pages various strategies and how to play cards so that your chances of winning are improving such as identifying strong players or weak players or knowing your chances of landing the card to complete your straight but there are so many books and articles that have been written about the subject of tactics and table position so our online poker tips are more associated with what to do and what not to do and can be applied to any of the poker games described here at Some of our online poker tips can and should be applied to any form of online gambling whether it is online poker or online casino; for example one of our tips is do not play with borrowed money. This may seem simple or even obvious but there are poker players who become addicted to the game or who have lost some money and in their determination to win it back borrow from somebody else to stake further games; this is very dangerous and can lead to all kinds of problems. Along similar lines one of our online poker tips is about not going on “tilt” which describes what happens when you are chasing losses by betting more and more when the hand does not warrant it; it is very easy to assume that just because you have had a losing streak that it is going to change and so it will but maybe not today; online poker rooms are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week so the best idea is to quit and come back another day. Yet another online poker tip concerns when you are winning but the same rules about luck apply so if you are on a winning streak and making a profit do not assume that the winning streak will go on forever because it will not; the secret of this online poker tip is knowing when to stop or in other words quit while you are ahead.

To focus a little more on actually playing the game another of our online poker tips is to know the rules of the game you are playing; this may sound obvious but you would be surprised at the number of novice players that start playing who do not know the rules in detail and this can lead to bad decisions and losing money which conveniently brings us to another online poker tip which is to play for fun. By this we mean play for fun money not for real money. There is absolutely nothing wrong in playing for fun especially if you are a novice and want to learn the rules or even a more experienced player who wants to experiment with a new strategy; it is of course true that people playing for fun money do play differently than they would if it their cash was at stake but even so it is valuable experience so do play for fun. Whilst we are talking about novice players, the idea of playing online poker for most people is entertainment but also trying to make money so if you can find novice players at a table there is nothing wrong with playing against them and one of our online poker tips is to do exactly that but there is another online poker tip that says that you should help novice players as that is good for the health of the game. Even you had to learn sometime and you probably lost money doing it but you probably also had some help from a more experienced player so do not be too proud to pass on the benefit of your experience.

When playing your hand there are also some online poker tips which are worth considering such as not getting pot committed. People who are pot committed are spending too much time thinking about how much of their money is in the pot already rather than what their hand is worth; there is a balance and the size of the pot is important when deciding how much to bet but don’t get carried away and lose all your stake in one hand. Other online poker tips include such things as not always playing in the same way; good online poker players will try to read what kind of a player you are and whether you are willing to take risks or whether you only play when you have a very good hand so vary your play to make reading you difficult; sometimes a called bluff in one hand can be worth a lot more in the next.

Our next online poker tips concern the chat facility which is available at every poker room and unless you are very experienced it is worth considering whether you should use it at all. The first rule of the chat facility is never talk about your hand, either the one you have or one that you have played; all you are doing is giving your opposition more information about yourself which can give them an advantage. There are those online poker players who think being rude or even insulting gives them an edge; our tip is to completely ignore these sort of comments whether they are aimed at you or not, if you have difficulty then just walk away, there are plenty of other tables where you can find friendly players. These are just some of our online poker tips and if you want more information then please see the relevant pages on our site.