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Do count the cards

A skill which is very important if you wish to become a good and solid poker player is the ability to count the cards on the table. Know which cards are still in the game and do quick calculation on your chances of getting the card you want.

When we say count the cards we do not mean literally count the cards but you must look at the community cards and at your own cards. This is another one of those skills that can not be learned overnight but if you want to become a better player then you should take the time to look into it.
To be able to use this skill to your advantage you must know what kind of players you are up against and have at least some idea of their usual game play. This is an advanced skill and we do not recommend that you even attempt this until you fully understand the game. There are many other skills that you need to worry about before you start to count cards well.

Example: if you have been dealt K-Q as hole cards and the community cards are 10-J-2 then you are looking for a straight. You know that there are still 4 nines and 4 aces in the game, as you have not seen them yet. This is when you have to start feeling and looking closely at other players. If there are tight players playing then it is an option to bet a large amount. This will result in the tight players folding if they do not have an ace and leave you with the knowledge that all four aces are still in the game.
This was just a quick example of how you could play and what you have to know to be able to fully use this card counting tool. You must know which players are tight, you should have seen this earlier in the game and you must know which players are loose.

As you can see this is an advanced tool which you should not worry about until you really do understand the game and can read what your opponents are doing. As long as you are playing at the low limit tables you do not need to worry about anything like this. You are better off concentrating on the other skills that a good poker player requires.

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