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Do help novice players

Many online poker players think that they are good and even too good to help other players. This is the biggest mistake that anyone can make. Nobody is ever too good to help another novice poker player.

Online poker is a game that is catching on very fast all over the world. Daily there are many new players who do not fully understand the game and need assistance when they play for the first time. There is a first time for everyone, even you had a first time. These players may need a helping hand and in return they will become a regular player, you might even play against this person in the future.

When you first started playing you probably got some help from another player, this boosted your understanding of the game and undoubtedly was a factor when making the decision whether to come back or not. Online poker is a game where social behaviour is very important, if you want to win money there have to be players to play against you. If there are no players then you will be stuck for a game and eventually there will be no one left.

There is nothing wrong with winning money from a new player, that is the way the game goes, you win some and you lose some. There is something wrong with not helping a new player and taking all of his/her money. This is very short sighted and will not harm you directly but it will indirectly. You do not know what this new player might do for the game, he/she might be the new world champion and remember you for helping them or conversely refuse to play if you are at the table.

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