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Do know the rules

You may be asking yourself, know the rules? But we can tell you that a large percentage of online poker players do not know the exact rules of the game. This means that they are sometimes confused when a game does not follow the standard pattern.

Rules for any game have been made for the exceptions, when a game does not proceed as it usually does but there is a slight change. This is not so much a question when you are playing online poker because the computer does most of the work but it is very important when it comes to playing offline. If you are playing in a tournament offline and the game play is slightly different than what you are used to then you must know the rules to be able to calculate what is going to happen. If you do not know these rules then you will make decisions that will turn out to be bad ones of even worse you will lose money.

We see this happening quite often in tournaments and sometimes online. Players make decisions that are very bad ones and as the game proceeds they wonder what went wrong. They wonder why things happened and even more, why they lost their money. This is something that you can prevent by knowing the rules and having a good dose of experience.

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes but it is just silly if you make mistakes when you could have prevented them for being made. Mistakes are made by everyone, good players and bad players. Good players make fewer mistakes as they have a lot more experience and they have learnt from their past mistakes. New players still have to make these mistakes so by knowing the rules you just decrease the number of mistakes that you will make. This will in the long term make a difference to your bank roll.

If you are new to the game or you feel that you could do with some extra tips then we suggest you have a look at out homepage. We have a number of forums and books that will help to improve your game. We have read nearly all the books so we know that they are good and the forums that we mention are also useful. Use forums to ask other players about certain game plays and what they might do in different situations. Talking to other online poker players will only improve your game and knowledge about the game so we recommend that you regularly visit the different forums to keep your knowledge of the game up to date.

If you have any experiences or extra information about this subject then please get in touch with us so that we can get all the information we need on the site for our visitors.