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Do know when to stop

As you may know online poker is a game of skill and luck. There is possibly more skill involved than luck but these are the two elements of online poker.

The amount of skill that is used in a hand of poker is completely up to you. If you read a lot of material and watch good poker players and practise a lot you will soon find yourself picking up the skill of poker. The second element of poker is luck. This is an element that can unfortunately not be learned, you have it or you do not.

The best part about luck is that it is always evenly divided between everyone in the world. There will be some days when someone is luckier than another but usually if you look at this for a long period of time you will see that luck is evenly divided.

If you are having a lucky day, which you will sometime in your poker life you should be aware of the fact that your luck can go as fast as it came. What we mean to say is be aware when you are winning not to keep on playing to find out that your huge bank roll just got smaller or even disappeared. Winning is the best feeling there is and is very addictive so when you are on a roll it is sometimes very difficult to see when it is over. This is one of the dangers of being on a winning streak, if you do not watch out you will find that by the end of your poker session that you may be out of pocket when you where doing so well earlier in the game.

Luck is the element of poker that you have no control of so when it comes and the goes be aware. If you find that it has left you then get up and leave, come back another day. Poker rooms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there will always be people waiting to play.

Some people will argue that luck does not play a part in their poker games but we are convinced that it does. If you are having an unlucky day then you are not going to be getting four of a kind or even royal flushes. If you were to get a good hand you will find that someone else has a higher hand and this will cost you. You can be as good a player as you like but if someone has a royal and you have four of a kind then you will lose, what ever you do, so yes luck does have to do with it as far as we are concerned.
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