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Do play aggressively

Online poker players are often known to play too passively. This means that if you have a good hand and you really think you might win that you should not just sit back and keep on playing in the same manner as when you have a reasonable hand.

This is one of the skills that needs to be adopted before you can call yourself a good player. If you have a good hand then let other players pay dearly to see it. You must change your attitude during the game to be able to get the most out of your hand.

There is no point in having a laid back attitude as it is not very often that you are given a winning hand. If you feel that you are going to win then just raise enough so that you can get your competitors to see your bet. If you can do this for a few betting rounds then the pot will have a considerable amount in it. This is when the need to know your opponents is very important. You must not over raise as you will then scare players away and at the same time you want to get the most money out of them as possible.
Another tactic is to keep a low profile and wait until another player raises, this raise is then sometimes re-raised by another player which will make the game even more interesting. If you can create a situation like this then you are looking to take a nice big pot. Try to keep calm especially when you are playing offline as other players are looking for tell tale signs. These signs will make them fold and before you know it everyone will be out of the game and your pot will only be a small amount.

If you have a winning hand, act aggressively but make sure that it is not too aggressive, as you do not want players folding. Find your opponents balance point and stay under it so that they will stay in the game and therefore the pot will get bigger.

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