Choose an online poker room in which to play

Do play for fun

Playing online poker for fun and not for real cash is one of the best ways to learn the game and test new strategies. It is very common that online poker players only play for real cash and not for fun. The reason for this lies in the fact that they themselves feel that they know everything and cannot learn anything anymore. If you have been playing for real money and you have to go to a free table then this is very frustrating. The game is slightly different and the whole excitement of real cash is gone. This feels like a step back but really is a step in the good direction.

Every decision we make in our lives has to do with experience. If we have made a bad decision it is very often due to a lack of experience we had at that point in time. If you had to make the same decision over then it would probably be different as we will have learnt from it. This is the same with online poker, the more experience we have the better we get at it. By playing a lot of poker you learn the basics fast and you can concentrate on the more difficult parts of the game, skill. You can start to make notes on what players are doing, if they are loose or tight players, remember how they played in past hands, etc.. These things are very important and can give you the edge you may need to win.

When you want to try new things out then do this at a fun money table and not a real money table. It may not feel right but it will be a lot better. This way you can tweak your theory to perfection without it costing you any money. There is no point in playing on real money tables when you are still trying to perfect a new tactic or theory.

If you have managed to master your new theory then try it out on the real money tables. If it works then great, keep going and win lots of money but if you find it is not then stop quickly. Go back to the fun money tables and perfect it a little more. As long as you can go back to fun money tables without any bother then you will get better. It will start to become a problem when you cannot go back to these tables because it bores you.

Playing online poker and making it profitable is something that requires a lot of energy and time. It is not something that you just do but it is something that has to be learnt and takes time. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it and nobody would lose!

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