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Do play low limit tables

Many online poker players think it is smart to play at higher limit tables. They think that they are good and that they can handle the stress of winning or losing more money. This is a very common mistake, you win at a low limit table and then you decide to move to a higher limit table thinking you can automatically win there too.

Players do seem to understand that at a higher limit table the players tend to have more experience and very often a larger bankroll. Just because you have been winning at a lower limit table does not mean that you are a good online poker player. The chance that the players at the low limit tables were just bad players is a lot larger than the chance of you being a good player. This means that you can go to a higher limit table but at the same time your opponents just got a lot better. This means that you are not going to win as easily and probably just going to lose.

If this happens then no problem, it happens to us all. Just keep your concentration on the game and leave the table to find yourself a lower limit one. There is nothing wrong with playing on low limit tables, a lot of people do it. If find that you cannot handle playing at a higher limit table then get over your ego and move. There is no point in losing money to others just because you think that you are good. By moving back to a lower limit table does not mean that you are surrendering or even giving up, it means that you are using your head and living to fight another day.

When you play online poker and you honestly find that you are winning a lot of hands and you want to move up to a higher limit table then by all means do. Just be aware and be prepared to go back to the lower limits. At higher limit tables there is obviously more money involved but what a lot of people do not understand is that mentally you need to be strong. Your bets are higher and the pots get a lot bigger, this means that you are more likely to get emotionally involved in the game. If and when this happens you can forget winning, you are going to lose. You have to be able to handle the stress of seeing the big pot and folding. This also means folding even if you have a lot of money in the pot, do not get pot committed. Becoming committed to the pot is very common amongst online poker players and you will see that 99% of these players will lose and even worse, never come back.

If you feel strong and you think you can handle it, try moving to a higher limit table. Just bear in mind that there is no shame in going back, use your common sense and think with your brain not your emotional feeling.

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