Choose an online poker room in which to play

Do play weaker players

This may sound like something a coward would do but trust us, it isn’t. When you are playing online poker you are playing for real money, not peanuts. If you think for one moment that anyone at your table is going to feel pity for you when you lose then you are mistaken. There is absolutely no point in playing against players who are better than you, unless you always want to lose.

Choose your table with care, look at the game play before you join. Look closely at what the players are doing and how they play before you take a seat. If you think that you can handle the action at a particular table then take a seat and have a go. If you find that you are losing then stand up and find another table. Finding a suitable poker table to play at is something that takes time and is very important. A lot of online poker players just open the software and sit at the first table then find. This is the worst thing you can do, always look first and watch a few hand before you make any decisions about playing or not.

If you take the time and choose the table you want to play at very carefully you will soon see that it can be quite profitable. Just by taking a few minutes to observe a few tables before you start can make the difference between winning and losing. Good online poker players never rush into a game; they observe first and take notes on what is happening. Many of the top players will have a little book where they keep notes on different players. These notes will vary but the more accurate they are the better they will be in the future. If you can predict what a player is going to do then you have mastered the whole poker game.

There are thousands of books and Internet sites on online poker but most of them will not tell you what you need to know to win or improve your game. They will nearly always try to convince you that you need to adopt their tactics and use their systems. We believe that this is not true, online poker is a game that requires a lot of skill and knowledge. Skill can be learnt and will increase with time but knowledge will not. You need to know things about other players at your table, are they loose, tight or even professionals? If you want to succeed at this game you must invest time and energy and start noting who you have played against in the past and what kind of player they are. If you keep this up for a while you will soon see that it will help you, you know what you are up against when you join a table and you know what you probably can and cannot do when you are playing. Knowing your opponent is definitely the key to success when it comes to playing online poker.

There are thousands of online poker players out there and only a very small percentage of these actually make a profit. The reason for this is that they do not take the time to find the right table or observe the players at the table. Use this tip as it can work wonders and turn your whole online poker experience into a profitable pastime. What could be better than having a hobby that actually makes money for you!

If you have any experiences that our visitors can learn from then please get in touch with us so that we can get it on the site. If you have experienced success by taking notes then please tell us, as we are very interested.