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Don’t always play the same

As poker is mainly a skill game players watch each other like a hawk. They do this because you can very often get an advantage if you have some idea of what your opponent may do. People have written books on body language and these are very handy to read as they help you a lot when it comes to playing poker.

Body language is not so important when you are playing online poker but when you start to compete in tournaments offline it becomes very important. You must know how to control your unconscious body language so that you do not give players any signs. If you fully understand body language then this is a very powerful tool that you can use in tournaments. You can mislead players by giving them confusing or even wrong body language signs. This is a very powerful tool but is also very difficult to harness.

If you are not able to control your body language then you must bring variation into your game. When you play online it is very important to use variation in your game, as body language does not play a roll. If you vary your game enough your opponents will not know what to think of you and will have a lot of trouble trying to predict you. This is a good tip but also has its dangers. It is important that you do not vary your game so much that you sacrifice winning big hands or big pots. This is something that you have to be able to feel and there is no standard rule for it.

Varying your game play is very important but is also something that cannot be taught. This is one of the things you learn with experience. You must remember it and use it during your online poker sessions but do not overdo it. Practise this skill as often as you can, it will have more effect when you reach the higher limit tables. At the lower limit tables players are not so advanced and very often are not looking for these tell tale signs.

This is something that you do not need to worry about if you are new to the game but if you decide to stick with it and you want to improve then it is definitely something that you should be thinking of as you start to get better.

Understanding body language is a more advanced skill and requires a lot of concentration. It is not something that is learnt in a few days and as it has no use when playing online poker we only suggest you only look into it if you are going to be playing a lot of offline tournaments.

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