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Don’t get pot committed

A big mistake that very often occurs is that online poker players become committed to the pot. This means that during a hand they think about the amount of money that they have put in the pot during the hand. This results in the fact that they want to win their money back and will stay in the hand, even if their cards are not that good.

Folding halfway through a hand is perfectly acceptable. As the hand progresses it is very often that players fold. Players are not getting the cards they wish and their chances of winning get smaller. This is something that you have to be fully aware of, you can never win every hand that looks good at the start. A good hand to start with is a good thing but you should always remember that there are still cards to come that can change the situation.

This may sound like a very simple theory but you would be surprised to find out that a lot of players will stay in the game because there is so much of their money in the pot. With every turn of a community card their chances of winning are getting smaller and yet they still carry on playing. There is always a chance that a player will be lucky and the last community card turned is exactly the card that is needed to win. This chance is too small to keep on betting, if you see that your chances are getting smaller then get out. There is no point in spending more money while the chance of winning is getting smaller.

Being pot committed is something that is very common amongst new players. It does not mean that more experienced players do not do this because they are just as bad sometimes. It boils down to one thing and that is concentration and awareness. If you are playing online poker stay concentrated and aware of what is going on and what other players are doing. You will enjoy the game a lot more and it will be even more profitable.

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