Choose an online poker room in which to play

Don’t pick fights

When you are playing in an online poker room there are many different people there, different nationalities, different religions and different cultures and backgrounds. These differences can sometimes lead to situations that are not wanted when you are playing online poker.

Online poker is a game where you need to be fully concentrated on what is going on and who is doing what. You do not have time to provoke people while chatting or even defend what you stand for. You are playing poker for two reasons, winning cash and having fun. If the fun element has gone and you just want to win then do not get involved in any aggressive chat sessions with other players.

We fully understand that it is very difficult to keep out of any discussions that are aimed at you or the way you do things but it is better if you do. You are playing to win money and not to discuss your differences, if you do wish to do this then we suggest you go to an online poker forum. Here you can chat all you want and convince others without losing concentration and money. There is nothing worse than playing at a table where the ambiance is aggressive and unpleasant. Players will leave and the table will be worth nothing before long, resulting in a bad game.

If you are playing and you are offended by anything someone says then try to keep your cool and ignore it. If you are having problems ignoring it then we suggest you leave and find yourself a friendly table where you can play the way you want. This may sound like something a coward would do but it is real money that you are playing with, there is no point at all in having discussions when you are playing online poker. You will lose your concentration and finally you will lose money, something that you do not want happening.

It is also known that some players actually try and provoke other players so that they will get into a discussion and lose their concentration. When this happens they will be there to take the money the annoyed player will be losing. This is a very cheap trick so make sure that you do not get caught by it. Always try to avoid these players as they are using tactics that are bad for the game and the industry in general.

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