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Don’t play after an argument

How often is it that you have an argument with a loved one and then site behind your computer all alone thinking of what you both just said?

This happens, we have all experienced it and it is life. We do not want to give you a speech on arguing but we do want to give you a free bit of advice. Do not go online and start gambling, it does not matter if it is poker or in an online casino, just do not do it.

You are at this point an emotional wreck and cannot make any good decisions so why would you take the risk of losing money when you know that you cannot think straight. This a very common mistake that is made by men and women, you have just had an argument and you are alone behind your PC. You are looking for something to do but at the same time you are still thinking of what you said and what has been said to you. As you are bored you open your online poker software in the hope for some distraction. You take a seat at a table and start playing, as you are doing this you are still subconsciously thinking about that stupid argument. Before long you find that you are losing and you decide to take a little more risk, what do you care, you have more important things on your mind, that loved one who just shouted at you. So now you are taking more risk and betting more money and before long you find that your bankroll has either gone or it has a huge hole in it. This is normally the time when you get so frustrated that you either stop or spend even more cash.

If you are to look at this situation when you are totally relaxed you will see that it is very stupid. You are probably telling yourself right now, ‘I would not do something like that’. Trust us, we have been there and seen it. It is not a pretty sight and even more important it is not something you want to experience. If you cannot imagine yourself doing this then you are either a very strong person or you are a hard learner. Whichever it may be, take the advice and use it as you see fit.

Online poker is meant to be fun and can be fun but make sure you are in a fun mood to start with.
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