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Don’t play with borrowed money

Online poker and gambling in general are things that can be a lot of fun but if you are not careful can also rule your life. We have seen people lose everything they have including family just to be able to gamble online.

Never play with money that is not yours. This may sound very simple and easy but it is not. There are many people out there that do not understand or do not want to understand that they might have a gambling problem. This is something that you might recognise yourself, if you gamble and you are gambling with money you have borrowed from someone you have a problem. When we say borrowed from someone we do not mean that your friend gives you 50 euro because you could not be bothered to walk to the bank but we mean when you are already in debt.

There is nothing wrong with gambling and we will say this to everyone we meet; there is only a problem when people do not take their responsibilities seriously. Being responsible is part of life and very often the best things in life have to be done in moderation. This is the same with gambling or even drinking. There is as far we are concerned nothing wrong with having a pint or playing poker with friends; it is good for your social life and probably even better for your body as you can relax. It is a problem when you find that you are doing this too often and that you are neglecting your responsibility to others who you care about.

If you think that you are vulnerable, then do not do it. There is no point in throwing your life away just for a few hours of fun on the internet or in the local club. If you feel that you need help to stop gambling or even if you suspect yourself of being an addict then please do something about it. It does not help you or anyone else by gambling your savings away, it is bad for the industry and even worse for yourself. There are many people with a gambling problem and it is not anything new so you do not need to be ashamed of it. What you do need to be ashamed of is the fact that you are throwing your life away. This is something that is given to you once and only once so if you decide to throw it away make sure you know what you are doing.

If you are looking to test yourself or if you just want help then please visit the following sites: Responsible gambling or visit DAP

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