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Don’t talk about your hand

Never ever talk to other players about your hand. This is something that is not done; it is bad for the game and even worse for your reputation. During any online poker game you can talk to other players and sometimes players will tell you what kind of hand they have or even ask you what your last hand was.

This is a big NO NO in the online poker world. You do not know who is asking these questions and you do not know what they are going to do with the information. If you have just had a good bluff then we understand that you want to tell the world how good you are but don’t. If you do then you are asking for problems in the future. Players that talk about their hands are not good players, they are insecure about playing and want advice or they are poker players that are trying to keep track of you. If it is someone who is trying to make notes on you then you have a bigger problem as they are taking the time to observe you and how you play. This can result in you playing one day and finding that you are losing badly and you not know why. This is something that you will never see coming because you cannot remember that you told someone about your good bluff a few weeks ago.
Keep all information about your hands and how you would play to yourself. Never chat to other players about previous hands or how you would play certain hands. We cannot stress this enough, never talk about your poker hands.

This is a tactic that a lot of online poker players use to get information out of you. When you are chatting during a game keep all conversation very general. Do not go into depth about anything personal as a player could use this against you in the future. We see a lot of people who are having a friendly chat while playing online poker and after a while we notice that the friendly chat starts to turn nasty. This is when one of the players starts to get emotionally involved in the game. This is something that you should never do, you make stupid decisions and the person who is trying to torment you is just going to win your money. We see this happening quite often but there is nothing you can do about it. You can only sit back and try to win some of that money that is being thrown about the table.
Once again, just to make it very clear to you, never ever talk about your poker hands and keep all chat general.

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