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Don’t think short term

Poker, online or offline is a game that has been around for quite a while and looks like it is going to be for quite a while longer. This means that you do not need to go for broke the first few times you play.
When you play online poker try to see the big picture and evaluate everything you do or have done by looking long term. Everyone can have a bad few days but this does not mean that you either cannot play or that your new strategy is not working. Anything you do has to be given time and has to be evaluated over a longer period of time.

Long term thinking should also be present in the way you play. You should be playing to make a profit in the long run and not in the short run. Poker requires you to look at different strategies and tactics on a long-term basis and not just a few hands or poker sessions. If you do this then you are likely to have the wrong conception of the your tactics. This may result in you losing or making the wrong decision. This is not a desirable situation and we recommend that look at your game play from another angle.

The reason that it is not possible to draw conclusions after a few hands is the fact that online poker or even poker in general is a game that consists of two elements, skill and luck. Luck is the element of the game that cannot be measured and therefore can very much influence the outcome in the short-term. It is possible to draw conclusions about your game play when you take many different readings as in this way the luck element of the game is spread over a longer period of time. If luck were to influence your results then you would have to be lucky over a longer period of time and as we all know luck does not seem to hang around for too long.

If you are trying a new strategy or tactic then give it some time before you draw any conclusions. The question remaining of course is how long? That is a question that only you yourself can answer, we can only tell you that the longer you take to draw any conclusions the more accurate they will be. The more you play and more results you document the less the element of luck can influence your results. It is impossible to completely do away with this element but the longer you document your results the better the conclusion will be.

There is no set time that can be given to test a new strategy or tactic. If it takes too long it might cost you more money than you wanted and if you draw a conclusion too fast it might give you the totally wrong conclusion. This is something that you have to be able to estimate yourself, we only know the more results you have the better and more accurate your conclusion will be.

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