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Don’t go on tilt

Going on tilt is something that many online poker players do. It is a state of mind that makes you do things that are very stupid. This is something that is also common amongst online casino players. Casino players think that by betting more they are more likely to win. This is basically the same thing when it comes to online poker players. When you are on tilt you take bigger risks and play a lot looser than you normally would.

If you are losing and have been losing for a while then this is the time to ask yourself if you should continue. There is nothing wrong with losing, we all do sometimes. It is an art to be able to detect this and stop playing. If you are able to see this coming then stop as the poker room will be there tomorrow. If you carry on playing you will start to get emotionally involved in the game and most likely lose more.

The reason for this is that you do not think straight because you are more concerned about winning cash back than you are about thinking when making a move. Poker is a game of skill and if you are not fully concentrating on what is happening then you are not playing to your full skill level. Other players will see this and use this against you, resulting in more losses.

Going on tilt is not always caused by the fact that you are losing but can also be caused by other players. Quite often online poker players try to pick fights with each other and if you are trying to beat a tight player then you must have a lot of patience. Tight players do not play a lot of hands so when they do play make sure you have a reasonable hand to beat them, never play against them when you are unsure whether you can win or not. Tight players only play if they actually have a decent hand and do not very often bluff, so make sure you are not trying to call their bluff.

Good online poker players are able to step back at any point in the game. They can take a step back and review what went wrong and where they made a mistake. If you are able to do this you will not only save yourself money but even more important you will learn from your mistakes. Online poker rooms are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so if you come back tomorrow you might be more relaxed and be able to play better as you will be able to concentrate.

Poker players going on tilt is the number one reason for losing, make sure you are not one of them and get out early if you cannot concentrate properly.

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