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Online video poker in a police car

By admin on 2014-01-23 14:28:27

There are many occasions when playing poker is not a good idea but what has been in the poker news recently really does top the list as a person has been filmed playing video poker whilst driving and what is even more disturbing is that the person in question is a police officer in his police car and in treacherous driving conditions. Fortunately the poker news reports that this did not happen in Ireland but in a small town near to Chicago in the USA. According to reports in the online poker news a passenger in another car travelling parallel used her mobile phone to video the officer and then put it on You Tube which is when the powers that be heard of the discretion. The officer has been identified and the incident is a subject of an internal investigation. In other online poker news it has been reported that in Northampton, England there will be alternative entertainment on Valentine’s day at Aspers Casino which is a strip poker tournament featuring two page 3 girls as well as a male model. The casino is reported in the poker news to be offering “a daring but fun evening of entertainment and naughtiness” and entry is free to the tournament but it sounds like you must be willing to bare all. The event is being aimed at singles but couples are welcome and you can be a participant or a spectator. Not many Irish poker players will be attending but if you want to then e-mail Aspers at stating whether you are a player or a watcher. Tickets and places are obviously limited but it promises to be a fun night. There are even free drinks at a reception before the games begins at 10pm. It could be a busy night in Northampton.