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Paddy Power poker has a $2000 bonus for new poker players

By admin on 2012-11-08 11:44:16

A frequently asked question in the poker bonus news is which online poker site has the best joining bonus and the answer depends a lot on how you want to play meaning how frequently and for what stakes. Paddy Power is in the poker bonus news at the moment with an advertised poker bonus of $2000 for new registrations and unlike some poker bonuses at least this one is very transparent being a simple 200% match of your first deposit so if you deposit $1000 your bonus could be up to the $2000 advertised in the poker bonus news. To get your hands on this bonus however you have to earn “power points” and for every 667 points earned the bonus is released in $10 increments up to the maximum. Our poker bonus news has investigated further and even how to earn points is refreshingly clear and it is simply 20 points for each $1 entry fee for a tournament or for each $1 in rake in a cash game or 25 points for each €1 if you are playing a Euro currency table. Clearly whether you can reach your maximum bonus or not will depend on how frequently and how long you play and at what stakes table you are playing but in any event, you cannot lose but you only have 90 days to get the bonus. Also in the poker bonus news from Paddy Power poker is the freeroll tournaments that are solely for new registrations and in which Paddy Power adds a free iPad 2 and $100 to the prize pool. PokerStars is also in the poker bonus news with a %100 match of your first deposit up to €465 and here you have 6 months to reach the maximum poker bonus and again it is all about points but at PokerStars the points are awarded in cash games according to the contribution from each player to the pots making it very difficult to calculate in advance what you are likely to receive but as with Paddy Power you cannot lose.