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Party Poker has possibly the simplest online poker bonus

By admin on 2014-07-17 10:57:58

Probably the best known online poker brand in the world is Party Poker and in the poker bonus news we take a look at what they are offering both for new players and existing poker players. Poker bonuses are everywhere but as has been reported in the poker bonus news many times it is not always easy to track where you are in earning these poker bonuses as unlike an online casino bonus it is not paid into your account in one lump sum but Party Poker seem to have it fairly simple. The poker bonus at Party Poker for new players is a 100% match of your first deposit up to $50 which is not unusual but Party Poker is clear on the earnings scheme which says that you earn 2 points for every $1 that you spend in tournament and table fees and then for every 8 points earned you get $1 cash of your bonus which means effectively $1 for every $4 spent. This is a much simpler bonus system than some online poker sites where the bonus depends on the number of players at a table etc. Another poker bonus in the bonus news at Party Poker is called the cash booster which is again for new players and allows you to take part in a tournament for free. There are several ways to gain access to this cash booster poker bonus and although you get one entry for free as a new player you can get another one by earning as little as 1 point which gives you an entry to a qualifier or you can gain direct entry by earring 5 points in the previous week. Party Poker is always in the bonus news and these are just a couple of examples but there is a greater variety once you have registered.