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Poker bonus news sees one site with a zero poker bonus

By admin on 2013-11-07 09:34:05

The poker bonus news this week is full of an unusual move by one online poker site in Scandinavia that has decided to remove all poker bonuses instead of het more normal increasing them. The reasoning given is that this will help to reduce addiction but given that poker bonuses are particularly hard to get and to understand online does not believe this will make the slightest difference to addiction. A poker bonus is anyway a one time event for new players and usually takes the form of a matching of the first deposit into the account generally for 100% but it is never simply added to the players account. has mentioned poker bonuses before in these poker bonus news columns but to make it clear to new readers an online casino bonus generally is subject to the number of times that the bonus must be staked in order to qualify and although not easy it is possible to keep track of what is going on; a poker bonus however is often much more difficult. Poker bonus news has reported on many occasions new bonuses which are available to new players at several of our recommended sites but a bonus alone is not a good reason to join an online poker provider as there is a very good chance that you will only get a small proportion of the advertised amount. This is not due to the poker site hiding anything about the poker bonus as they are very clear in the terms and conditions but the poker bonus will always depend on the rake of a poker hand and even sometimes how many people were in the pot and as you will play many hands you cannot keep track. The poker bonus will generally be released in small quantities so you are likely to get something but it may not be the maximum advertised.