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Poker Dictionary

There are many different terms that you may come across when you are playing online poker, these are only just a few of the terms you might be hearing while playing. Click on the letter your poker term starts with and read all about it.


Poker is without doubt one of the most popular casino card games in existence and it is played by people from all over the world but almost exclusively in the English language but just to make life a little more difficult the game has developed its own language which can be very confusing to a beginner. Some of the poker jargon such as big blind or small blind can be understood quite easily and they relate to what is going on at the table but why should the dealing of three community cards in Texas Hold’em be called the “flop” or a subsequent card be called the “river”? You do not actually need to understand all of the poker jargon to be able to play poker but you will definitely find a poker dictionary useful if you are talking to other poker players or if you are a keen follower of the televised poker where the commentary is full of terminology. In fact the TV poker pundits are probably the worst as they use all the poker jargon without a word of explanation. So in this poker dictionary section we have tried to explain many of the terms used in the poker world; some are simple and really obvious but others are less so; there is no way that we have covered all the terms which are used in poker jargon even though our list seems quite extensive so if we have forgotten some we apologise but any knowledge will help you understand more of what people are talking about.

There are of course various forms of poker and not all terminology is applicable to all forms of the game but we have not tried to separate out the games in our poker dictionary so you may not come across all the language in all the games. It would also appear that the use of slang or poker jargon is spreading and increasing for example a number 2 used to be referred to as simply a deuce but these days you can hear a duck or even a quack and we have even heard a two being called a swan. One of the most infamous phrases of poker jargon is the “dead man’s hand” which is supposedly a pair of aces and a pair of eights and gets its name from the hand that Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was shot dead in a saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota; there is some confusion about what the fifth card was with various reconstructions in the movies showing different cards but watch out if you are holding these cards. Some other more amusing ones in the poker dictionary include a “double belly buster straight draw” which is basically five cards that are close to a straight but missing a couple of cards or “limping in” which is defined as a player staying in a hand by placing the minimum requirement into the pot when in all likelihood if the previous player had raised he would have folded, crutches are apparently not needed. You do not need to remember everything in the poker dictionary but we hope it will provide a handy reference for you and the more you play and the more you talk to other players the more familiar you will become; enjoy your poker experience.