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Poker terms B

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Bad Beat: when a good hand is beaten by a lucky draw.

Backdoor: if you are going for one thing and by pure luck you are able to make another better hand.

Backraise: this when a player who first calls, re-raises.

Bankroll : this is amount of money you have, not just what you are playing with but in total.

Bet: when you place your chips you bet.

Bet Odds: a calculated bet that is in favour of the bet you placed.

Bet the Pot/Pot Bet: when a player equals the total amount in the pot as a bet.

Bike: a hand consisting of A,2,3,4 and 5.

Big Blind: a blind bet that is placed by the player second to the dealer, clockwise.

Big Slick: a poker hand that has an ace and a king in it.

Blank(s): useless card(s).

Blind: when a bet is placed without seeing any cards.

Blind Raise: when a bet is raise without seeing the cards.

Bluff: make other players believe you have a good hand when you do not.

Boardcards: the playing cards that are dealt face up in a game, community cards.

Broadway: a straight, A,K,Q,J, and a 10.

Bring In: the player who has to strat the betting when he/she has the lowest card.

Broomcorn’s Uncle: The person who says they are broke.

Bullets: when a player has a pair of aces.

Bump (up): raise.

Button: a small piece of plastic that moves clickwise around the table to indicate who is the dealer.

Buy-in: the minimum amount of cash needed to be able to sit at a specific table.