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Poker terms D

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Dead Mans Hand: a hand with two pairs, aces and eights.

Dealer: the person who leads the game, referee, divides the pot and deals the cards.

Dealers Position: when you are behind the dealer, the last to make any decisions.

Disconnect Protection: software that prevents any disconnection for the Internet.

Dominating Hand: a hand that is not ranked well but is strong enough to win.

Door Card: the first face up card when playing stud poker.

Down Card(s): the card(s) that are dealt face down, hole card(s).

Draw Lowball: the same rules as 5 card draw but the lowest hand wins.

Draw poker: is a name for a poker game where players may discard cards and get new ones for them, 5 card draw.

Drawingg: when a player plays a hand in the hope it will improve.

Drawing Dead: a drawing hand that will not win, even if it improves during the course of the game.

Drawing Hand: a hand that needs to improve to win.

Drop: this is when a player stops or also called folds.

Ducks: when a player has a pair of 2’s.

Deuces: when a player has a pair of 2’s.