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Poker terms F

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Fifth Street: also known as the River, the last card is dealt and the last betting round can commence.

Flat Call: when bets are called without any raises.

Flop: this is when the first three community cards are placed on the table, Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Flop Games: forms of poker where there is use of community cards.

Floorman: the person within a casino who makes the end decision, pitboss.

Flush: any five cards with the same suit, example: all hearts.

Flush Draw: when a player already has four cards of the same suit and is waiting for the last card to complete his/her flush.

Fold: to stop participating in a hand.

Forced Bet: the first bet that starts the betting.

Four of a Kind: four cards with the same value, not suit.

Fourth Street: this is the fourth community card that is dealt or in stud poker the fourth card dealt face down.

Free Card: the card a player gets after bluffing where everyone else checks.

Full House: a card combination consisting of three of a kind and a pair, in total five cards.