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Poker terms L

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Ladies: when a player has a pair of Queens.

Late Position: your position at a table, when you are one of the last to have to decide.

Lay Down: when a player folds, leaves that hand.

Lead: the first player to open the betting

Limited Poker: a form of poker that has fixed limits.

Limper: the first player to call a bet.

Limp In: when entering the pot by calling and not raising.

Live Card: a card that has not been seen yet and is therefore still in play.

Live Hand: a hand that is still capable of winning the pot.

Live One: a player who calls a lot and does not fold too often.

Long Shot: when you are going for a hand but you know that the odss or getting that hand are small.

Look: when a player calls the last bet before the showdown.

Loose: when a player plays a lot of hands and calls more than folds.

Lowball: a form of poker where the lowest hand wins.

Low Limit: limit poker but the limits are small.