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Poker terms O

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Odds: the chance of something happening.

Offsuit: cards which do not have the same suit.

Omaha: a form of poker that is very popular.

On the Button: the last player who has to make a decision at a table.

Open: to make the opening bet, first bet.

Open-ended Straight: when a player has 4 out of 5 cards for a straight but is waiting for the last one.

Open Card: a card that is dealt face up on a table.

Open Pair: a pair that has been dealt face up on a table..

Out Button: a small plastic disc that is placed in front of the player who wishes to sit out a round.

Outs: the number of cards left in a deck that can be useful.

Overpair: when a player is holding a pair that is higher than any cards on the table.