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Poker terms P

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Paints: picture cards.

Pair: two cards with the same value.

Pass: also known as check.

Pay Off: when a player calls in the last betting round.

Picture Cards: Jack, Queen and King.

Play Back: to re-raise or just raise another players bet.

Playing the Board: when a player uses all five community cards.

Pocket: the cards that are face down, hole cards.

Pocket Cards: the two hole cards that a player gets in Texas Hold’em.

Pocket Rockets: a pair of aces as pocket cards.

Position: the position at a table in relation to the dealer.

Post: to bet as much as the blind amount.

Pot: the chips in the centre of the table.

Pot Limit: a form of poker where the limit is the pot, players can not bet more than is in the pot.

Probe-betting: bet to see how others react.

Prop: someone who has been hired by the house.

Push: when the pot chips are pushed to the winning player.

Put Down: fold or stop.