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Poker terms R

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Rack: a special tray that is meant for chips.

Rail: the rim on a poker table, usually wood.

Railbird: a player who hangs around a lot looking at the games and is waiting to jump into the action.

Raise: to add money into the pot.

Rake: the chips that are taken by the house at the beginning of every hand.

Rank: the value of the different hands.

Rap: when a player knocks on the table to say that they have checked.

Ratholing: when a player takes chips off the table.

Razz: in 7 card stud when the lowest hand wins the pot.

Reading: when players try to see any signs from other players.

Rebuy: if a player buys chips for a second time in a tournament.

Re-raise: when a raise is raised.

Ring Game: a game that is not a tournament.

River: when the last card is dealt.

Rock: a player who is very consistent and does not play every hand.

Rounders: players that form a conspiracy together.

Royal Flush: the highest straight possible, A,K,Q,J and 10 of the same suit.

Rush: a winning streak.