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Sandbagging: holding back when you know you have a very good hand.

Satellite: a pre tournament, the winner will go on for the larger tournament.

Scoop: when a player wins the whole pot.

Seating List: a waiting list for a table.

See: when a player calls a bet.

Seven Card Stud: a popular form of poker.

Seventh Street: the last betting round in 7 card stud.

Shills: a prop who keeps the pot going and starts the betting.

Short Buying: when a player buys more chips but not the maximum amount in a tournament.

Short-handed: when a table is not full.

Showdown: when all the players still in the game have to show their cards.

Side pot: another pot which is formed beside the main pot.

Sixth Street: the fourth betting round in 7 card stud.

Small Blind: the amount put in the pot by the player left of the dealer before any cards are dealt.

Soft Seat: a game where players at the table have a lack of skill.

Solid: a player who is tight.

Speed Limit: a pair of fives.

Split: when two or more players have the same hand and the pot is split.

Stack: a pile of chips.

Stay: when a player stays in the game by calling and not raising.

Steal Raise: when the player who bets as last raises to deter other players out of the game.

Steamrolling: when a player re-raises to get more money out of other players.

Straight: five consecutive cards.

Straight Flush: five consecutive cards of the same suit.

Stuck: a player who is losing in a game.